Saturday, March 26, 2011

Nehalem Steelhead, Elk and Bobcat

This past week, I went up and fished a tributary of the Nehalem.   The cold frosty morning brought the elk herds down from the hills.  One herd of elk were in a farmer's field near Elsie, OR.

I saw mostly cows in this group.   I continued on til I found my destination.

The main river was blown out, but the tributaries were quite the exception!  They were running gin-clear.    

Once I hit the river,  the first cast brought a beautiful native steelhead.

I took a quick video and let him swim another day.    Driving along the creek, a giant bald eagle flew up in the tree right next to the road.

It was munching on a dead fish down below. 

As I was driving down the forest road, I saw something run across the road.  I realized it was a bobcat, so I quickly grabbed my video camera and got a little footage..

Those things are 'stealthy'!!

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