Wednesday, September 15, 2010

LI Tuna 9/11 - Shark Bite!

 Hit the pond with Chris on Saturday.

Our day started a little slow but progressively got better and better...

Saw Danno running alongside for a few...

Turned out to be a pond out there!

Water changed at about the 28 line, and finally got blue around the 36-40 line. Most fish were caught around 46 and out.
Got one fish early, but didn't get into fish til the afternoon bite, for the most part.

We ended up with 14 fish between two of us. Most slow trolling rapalas and swimbaits.

4 more casting iron. Was great having 5 lines buckled over in rod holders with fish on and just two of us to wrangle them in! But we did! Turned 2 fish into 7 on one stop. A commercial boat must have seen us stop, because it turned right toward us, from a mile away, and ran almost over our gear. Hard to think we were having better luck, but then again, I never did see them pull a fish aboard.

Then a GIANT shark, I mean a GOOD 12', was about 20 feet down while we had two tuna hanging.
We quickly TRIED to get the fish in. One fish made a death run straight down and popped off. The second... well,... We fought that shark hard for this fish...

and got most of it back!!!

Definitely some razor sharp teeth. We didn't even feel him slice that tuna in half!!

We were guessing probably a salmon shark? Definitely not a thresher, but looked more like a salmon or white. AMAZINGLY big!!

Happy Hunting!!! They're definitely still around!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Albacore Tuna-Live Bait-Underwater!

Went out on the pond last Sunday and couldn't have asked for a better day out there!  Flat ocean, very little wind, and LOTS of fish!   We never had to troll for a fish.  We saw a jumper and casted a butterfly jig.   HOOKED UP, Got 'em on!      ...Deployed the live bait volunteers!   They did their job well!  we were on a quad...then a triple, then another, then....

Underwater Live Bait Tuna Fishing from Sublime on Vimeo.

Less than 2 hours later, 42 fish were on board, and we were out of ice.  We never had to turn on the boat and move once.   One-stop shopping!   Can't beat it!   

Here's Bud with a nice piggy!

Tuna Time next to us hooked up with a triple...

Ahhh, Tuna!

Myself, with a nice fat Albie!

Can't waith for more calm water!!!