Thursday, July 5, 2007

Tuna Frenzy on the Big Blue Pond

Got the call last weekend, so my brother and I headed over to Garibaldi for some TUNA! hunting with Bud and Andy. Snapped a pic of the sunrise on the way over from Salem...

After loading up with ice, we headed out past the jaws. About 20 miles out, we brought down the outriggers, and deployed the gear.

Mexican flags and Archer spreader bars were the ticket. We immediately picked up a single once we got up to speed. Right as we hooked up, I ran up front, casted a swimbait out, and hooked up with another. Within 15 minutes we already had 3 in the boat. We knew we were in for a great day!
Can you believe these pics were taken 20 miles out?! Almost the glassiest water I've ever seen out there!

I was "allowed" to take all the pics and film as much as I wanted by Bud. (Past trips, while bringing the camera out, have resulted in missed fish, bad gaffs, and lost fish). Soooo, I took the opporTUNAty to film away, and shoot some good photos. Got a few nice ones of some tuna coming in to the gaff. The water was a beautiful blue out there!

You can see the look on the eye of this tuna.. He sees the gaff coming, and ya know he isn't a happy camper!

I couldn't stand to just film the WHOLE time, so I had to put the camera down at some point and get into the action as well!

Like I said earlier, Mexican Flag was the ticket. Here's a great shot of the clone, as well as a good shot of that hook stickin out of this guy's mouth!

A few of the fish also came behind an Archer Spreader Bar. Here's a shot of one of those...

It was good to fish with Andy again, and he kept a good line on those fish as well!

Lastly I had to get a picture with my brother, Mark (Sea-Bass). This was his second trip and can't WAIT to get back out there for more action!

We ended the day with exactly 30 fish! What a great day, with triples, doubles and plenty of singles! We had some larger sharks make some V-lines toward our boat when we would hook up, so we had to get some of those fish in quickly! Couldn't get any pics but there were LOTS of sharks! Another first for us, was that Mark caught is first fish while casting a swimbait out. He couldn't believe the way that fish hit and took off. I was up front casting beside him, as his drag began to sing! He was pretty blown away by their power.

Around 2, we decided to return back to the barn, on a greasy-flat ocean that allowed for a smoooooooth 29-knot run back in. Saw a few dolphins, multiple sharks, albatross, sunfish. ...God, I can't stop thinking of those things. so much to see, ironically, while out there!

Mark and I ended up bringing about 6-7 fish home to process and vacuum-sealed the loins. Ended up with over 60 lbs of loins!

We've BBQ'ed 'em, marinated them, sautted them, cajun-styled, etc...I love trying new ways to eat tuna! It'll DEFINITELY not go to waste!

Couldn't have asked for a better group to fish with. Bud, you rock, and I had a blast, as well did Mark! ...and to think its only the first of July!!! Hopefully there will be more to come! Your kindness and generosity is larger than can be described with words. Thanks for imprinting so many memories into my head. I'll never forget these trips!