Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Garibaldi Ocean/Tuna Fun!

My friend Chris saw a weather window and brought his travel trailer, as well as his boat, over for a month or two, from Idaho.   I drove over and  joined him for a couple days.

He brought his family over as well, and we got his son into some nice fish, also!   He caught some tuna and ling cod and had a great time!

The crabbing was phenomenal!

Many limits and fresh-cooked crab each night..   Mmmmm!

We found a new "Honey Hole" for lings and other rockfish that supplied us with some entertainment, as well as meat for the freezer.   We got his son into this nice ling for dinner..

One day, we saw flat ocean and brought his son out with us.    We headed west for tuna...

By noon, we had already caught 10 tuna and were grinning ear-to-ear.  The sun was shining, the dolphins were playing, and we decided to get some video footage.

It was time to go in for some salmon.    Not more than 30 mins. into fishing, we scored two 20lb chinook!

Got to watch the Coasties doing some practice out there in the evening.  Was amazing watching the waves kick up!

The winds came up by evening and I went out to Barview to watch the sun set on an awesome day!