Monday, February 14, 2011

Blazers Vs. Clippers


I took Melissa to the Blazers v. Clippers at the Rose Garden for her birthday.   Saw Mike and Mike, The Shonz, and T.P.

We had 9th row seats, right behind the Blazer bench!
 Rudy's mom sat right in front of us,

and he gave them plenty of reason to cheer.

Although Oden isn't playing yet, his family sat to our left.

I wish we still had Przybilla... Love that guy!

Aldridge with a great job against Griffin.

The starting 5 for the night...

We won the game, and Aldridge got the Sheryl Miller interview for TNT

Great game to be at!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Elk Herd Fighting

I noticed these elk while out along the Trask River, near Tillamook, Oregon. I had to pull over to watch the young spikes learn how to spar. I'll bet those points had to hurt, though!