Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Chinook 1... Me, 0...

Fished the Willamette and the Columbia this past week. Tried our luck on the Willamette for an hour or so before dark.

No luck but the rust was off. 

The next morning headed down the Willamette,

and eventually fished the Columbia.  The water raised about 6 feet the night before (thanks, BPA), so the fishing wasn't near as good as the day before. 

We trolled down past quite a few plunkers along the banks tryin their luck.   We had to troll just outside of 'lead-hucking' range of the Bankies.  For the most part, we didn't hea

We didn't see many fish caught, so we weren't too worried we were doing something wrong.

The bright spot of the day was watching the M/V Pacific Tracker cruising by.

I like the giant golf ball on top! FORE!!

Or perhaps it's a 'Floating Epcot Center'?

...Okay, not really, but here's a link to what it DOES do...