Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Siletz River Fall Chinook

Met up with Gary and Guide, Kelly Short for a morning incoming tide.   We trolled downcurrent til it switched and started coming back up the river.   

Once it was on the way back in, we anchored down with wrapped kwikfish.

Nearing the end of the trip weeds were floating by.  and I mean WEEDs!  haha

Found this 4-5ft pot plant just floating down the river. 

We decided to haul it in, and throw it into the next boat up, (another guide friend) and mention how bad the weeds were in the river!~

Was a great day for me!  Hooked one nice 20 lb'er on the troll and one other good kwiky take-down.  That was all for the day...then I had to go to work for the afternoon.