Friday, June 15, 2012

Halibut on KillerTraylor

    Joe Traylor sent me a text asking if I'd like to join the guys for some halibut.  I couldn't resist!   Besides, the new chest freezer needed some weight, anyway.  A beautiful morning drive took across the back bay, exposing the sunbeams peeking through the fog.

     Once in Garibaldi, I met up with the guys and planned our day.   We launched and headed across the bar.  We first headed North and dropped crab pots before heading out to the hill.

Once we were out there and set up a drift, the bites began.  First were a few chickens, but eventually we finished out with our limits.

Amongst the drifts and the halibut, were the the occasional skate.

We would be bringing up a heavy fish, getting our hopes up, hoping for that 100lb piggy halibut, but noooooo.... Another skate.   Pretty much a worthless fish.  Some people stamp out the wings with a cookie cutter, making calamari, but eh.... no thanks..  I'll stick with halibut!  We saw a couple regulars bellying up to the Halibut bar out there..  Dave, Bud,

Also saw Bud and the boys on Seelicious filling the fish boxes..

 We grabbed a couple picture before cleaning the white gold!

Here's a final picture with a couple of our nice fish.