Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Albacore Tuna-Live Bait-Underwater!

Went out on the pond last Sunday and couldn't have asked for a better day out there!  Flat ocean, very little wind, and LOTS of fish!   We never had to troll for a fish.  We saw a jumper and casted a butterfly jig.   HOOKED UP, Got 'em on!      ...Deployed the live bait volunteers!   They did their job well!  we were on a quad...then a triple, then another, then....

Underwater Live Bait Tuna Fishing from Sublime on Vimeo.

Less than 2 hours later, 42 fish were on board, and we were out of ice.  We never had to turn on the boat and move once.   One-stop shopping!   Can't beat it!   

Here's Bud with a nice piggy!

Tuna Time next to us hooked up with a triple...

Ahhh, Tuna!

Myself, with a nice fat Albie!

Can't waith for more calm water!!!

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