Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sporty Seas Albacore Arrive! ...and DIE! (7/01/10)

Thursday, July 1st was NOT a good day to be a TUNA. It was our first Tuna excursion of the year. The Seelicious, along with Tuna Time and Caddywhompus, left the dock around 4:30am and were running to Tuna Town on a nice slick ocean! Seas were 1 and 4 with very little wind.

However, we knew there were showers in the area and they would kick up some brutal SW wind chop in the afternoon. We zig-zagged between showers as we headed West. We ran over a warm plume of water that we saw the night before on the SST and felt the fish would be on the backside of that plume.

We found clean bluish water out at the 125 line and went as far as 125.30. The first fish hit around the 45.05/125.16 line for us. We had the outriggers down and clones were a'dancin' behind birdies!

Before we knew it, the sounds we were waiting to hear...
The outrigger popped, and the reel began to sing. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzz! FISH ON!


The first few fish were singles, but consistent. An hour or so later, we switched out the birdies for Archer Bars and immediately got pounded! A couple doubles and triples, landing our first triple of the year successfully! After that, almost all fish were 'Bar Fish'!

Many of those fish ate up their last 'Hawaiian Breakfast'!

The weather continued to go to Tillamook Manure as the day went on.

...Waves were steeper, and troughs were deeper. But the fish kept biting.

We put a few more fish in the boat by 1pm, and with weather in the minds of us all, we chose to pick up and run back to the barn.   Before we ran, we could see Tuna Time hooked up with another one!

Good thing we did! Running back up and across that SW chop made for a VERY sporty ocean!

Add blowing rain and it felt more like February out there!

We ended up with 28 fish for the day. We had a NICE grade of fish, for this early in the year, with a 20lb average. What an awesome way to kick off the 2010 Season!! Thanks again, Buddy! (great pic, btw)!


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