Sunday, March 13, 2011

Newport Ling Cod/Crab Fishing (3/6)

I had the day off today and wanted to enjoy the day fishing, but wasn't sure where. Its my new boat and I wanted it to get salty...

I thought about it and:
...I could've gone up to Portland and dragged some herring around...
...OR I could try and slip out during this weather window before the next front hits! I've come to notice there's usually a pretty nice 'calm before (most) storms'.

Well, I got up early, hitched up my boat and figured I'd try my luck at the bay.

My luck was on my side! The sun was shining and the wind WASN'T blowing.
...and to top it off, as I snuck out to the tips to see how it looked, I noticed a pretty flat ocean! (along with some other competition for the fishing)!

I ran out past the bouy

and north and dropped the pots.

Then headed up toward the lighthouse and looked around.

Eventually I made my way back to the South, down near Seal Rock. I found some nice pinnacles that held some fatty Lings.

I released 5 other smaller lings and kept one nice one, along with 9 big dungies~!

What an awesome day to break in the new salty boat!

I didn't want to get stuck on the outside, so I came back into the bay after the tide changed.

Good thing I did, I noticed the "ROUGH BAR" lights flashing tonight as I left to come home. Got to see a killer sunset.

Great time to SEIZE THE DAY!!

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