Sunday, May 6, 2012

Melissa's Second Salmon

     Finally got back out on the water for some springers with Melissa.  She came equipped and prepared with magazines, blankets, pillows, the whole nine yards...  She was ready for a quiet boat ride in the sun.  Well, most of the day was exactly that.  It started out with a great sunrise.

We started the boat and headed out to troll, hoping it would be productive! 

The day wasn't as productive as we wanted...a.k.a. we didn't get a bite.  We tried out by the mouth of the Willamette with no luck.

However, our last pass downhill along the barges took us out a little deeper and we were marking more fish below the boat.  We turned toward the middle of the river to pull up gear and call it a day when WHAM!! ...the rod buckles!  The tip is getting yanked into the water, while the drag is screaming out.  FISH ON!  I set the hook and hand her the rod.  After clearing the other rod, I grab the net and prepare for the boarding of our guest!  As the fish came to the boat, we could see only one hook was still in the fish's mouth.  It made another surging run about 20 yards before finally turning and coming back to the boat.  She reeled it right into the net, bringing us/me, sadly, the only Springer of the year for my boat..   Women DO have good luck!!

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