Sunday, September 30, 2012

Strange Crabs on the Siletz!

My parents were staying over at Depoe Bay for the week, so Melissa and I decided to bring the boat over and join them for a day or two.  The first day produced no fish, about 10 crabs, and some seriously blowing wind.  It was pretty relentless, so the girls wanted to hang back at the room to relax the next day.   So my Dad and I fished the Siletz the next morning.

The weather was amazing!  Unlike the day before.

We tried to fish the day before with no results, and wind that was blowing 20 kts, easily.  This produced some 2-3' waves coming up the river by the bridge.  What a tale of two days!

  The next morning, a light fog settled in, but quickly burned off and made way for warm rays of sunshine beating down on us.  We dropped the crab pots and decided to fish upriver a little, where it was calmer.

Beautiful colors were everywhere, as fall was beginning to arrive in the leaves along the river. 

 We trolled up and down a few times before deciding there just weren't a lot of fish in the system yet, so we hung it up for the day.  We went back out and got the crab pots, which had 9-10 nice big crabs waiting for us!  One crab was definitely an abnormality.

This crab had an extra pincher... but it was ON his pincher.

Thankfully for my cat, there were no joints to make this pincher a 'working pincher'.

Was a great feeling to be out there with just my Dad.  I enjoy those times that he and I get to spend together.  I just wish we could've thrown a salmon into the cooler to add to the mix!

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