Sunday, July 17, 2011

36 Tuna, Risso Dolphins, out of Depoe Bay

We noticed a weather window opening up, so Chris loaded the truck and headed west.  I met him at Depoe Bay, where we launched the boat.   Another friend joined us for what turned out to be an amazing day on the water.  The tuna were close that day.   Only 22 miles!  We headed west, out of the hole, to the tuna grounds!    Another flat ocean day!  While out trolling, we came upon a pod of Risso Dolphins.
The were leisurely breaching, tail-slapping, and swimming in pairs all around.

Would love to learn more about what they were doing.   We took some video as well.

I didn't bring out the camera while we were out there, but was able to get a few shots of our bounty.

36 fish that day!!  Came back and had some chowder at a local pub and grub, watched the Coasties come back in, and saw an amazing sunset on a great day on the pond!

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