Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tillamook Bay Spring Chinook

Saturday was looking great...Sunny weather and warm temps.   I got to play 'Guide' and took Gary and Dwight over to Tillamook Bay to try for some Spring Chinook action.

Great ride over, saw some local Tillamook golfers smackin the ball around.

sun beaming on the Cheese factory...

Getting ready to back the boat down the ramp, we noticed some cones on the ramp guarding a small seal pup that was emaciated, or just napping.  It would look around, then go back to sleep...ON THE RAMP!   I should've got a couple picture

Once we hit the bay, most of the morning was slow.  We didn't see a net go up in any boat.  We did see some familiar faces out there, including Bud, Dick, Johhny, etc.

Saw Johnny Bowles fly by a couple times to head out on the pond to check some crab pots...

The incoming tide had about another hour or so left as we were trolling with the tide.  We ran along the Coast Guard tower,

and made our way back toward Crab Harbor and 'Shit Rock'.    Gary decided he wanted a slower roll on his herring, so He reeled up, re-baited and dropped it back down.

No more than 5 seconds later,  WHAMMM!!!   His rod buries.  He jumped up, set the hook and it was on!  I grabbed the camera and started filming his fight. 

Tillamook Bay Spring Chinook Salmon Fishing from Sublime on Vimeo.

This fish was HOT, and made some amazing runs!  You could hear Gary's clicker screeeeeaaaming as that fish took off.  It did NOT want to be near our boat.   Eventually the fish got close enough and Dwight netted that fish so fast as if he's done it before! (which he has, about 1000 times in the past!) 

First and only fish in the boat!!   26lbs of blinding Chrome!

Twas a good day on the bay!

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