Monday, November 30, 2009

Bushwhacking th Coast Range!

Ran back over the hill to the coast to take advantage of the couple days of dry weather. Once we got over the pass and took a peek at the river, we noticed it was down and in great condition! This watershed has some of the most amazing old-growth timber, including Douglas Fir and Sitka Spruce.

Dylan took this shot of me dropping down between a fallen tree. Definitely a DENSE forest.

These trees were larger than life. We were in the land of the giants.

Dylan, Taylor, and I, geared up to start whackin brush.

This lush rain forest is full of moss, lichens, mushrooms, and other forms of life that need this moist, thick, dense forest to survive.

At one point, we came across an old road.

This helped the bush-whacking for about 100yds... At the end of the road, we noticed an old bridge crossing the creek.

We walked down the creek, took some pics, and kept on scaling the river banks.

Here, I was just playin with how long I could leave it open without ruining the shot...

We made our way up, from hole to hole, and finally Taylor hooks into one. It looked like a good head-shaker at first, but then......We got to see it. . . Poor little Boot! However, we made SURE that Taylor got a picture with his prized catch!

I mean, this was a pretty nasty-looking fish. Along the river rocks, I think I noticed his last Spawning buddy! ...they looked about the same! hahaha!

The hike itself was a good couple miles through some of the thickest coastal rainforest. I admit, I'm a little sore today in the legs! Crawling up and over downed trees that are larger than cars in diameter can do that to ya! But its SOOOO worth the solitude!! Fish on!

Looks like its time to start gearing up for Winter Steelhead! We saw a couple of those caught. Time to scale down the gear and start targeting the Steel!

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  1. Really great pics man... linked from ifish, and just saying this is a sweet blog.