Monday, October 12, 2009

Tillamook Tales!

Went over the hill to Garibaldi for the weekend. We didn't go out fishing til around 10, so we watched the zoo at the ramp. I'd call it 'controlled chaos'.
Many weekend warriors, excited clients, and others dreaming of coastal chrome!

It was still a bit windy in the morning, even in the harbor.

I was impressed with how quickly and smoothly it went! Glad I wasn't a part of it, and was only documenting it!

Walked over to the Tillamook Bay Boathouse and got a few more shots before it got light.


Big Tuna Marine at First Light

We eventually made our way out to Barview to watch the fleet start harvesting chrome.

Glad to have these guys watching over us!

Was a pretty calm bar, with most of the boats venturing outside the tips. Look close, two boats have fish on!

Looking North, the sky began to get light...

We headed back to Big Tuna to get the crab pots rigged and lines ready.

Trying to get out between the salmon boats was like a corn maze out there!
Looking back at them, once we were out, they looked like you could literally walk across them!

Saw Captain Johnny Bowles out there puttin a hurt on the feesh, while we slid out past the Chrome-seekers.

Ended up with some large ocean crab as well as a pile of rockfish.

Great day on the water... Could be the last nice one for a long time, looking at the weather forecast!


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