Saturday, April 18, 2009

Springers, Solitude, and Suckers!

Been fishing the CR most of the season, but decided on Thurs that we'd try a little closer to home and fish the Willy. We fished a very secluded, zipper-lipped hole just around the head of the MC.

Right when we got out there, we were seeing sporadic fish being caught here and there. Mostly a morning bite.

I noticed this gentleman with a fish on. Definitely doin it the 'Barta Way'...the Hard Way! Very impressive with the amount of freeboard on that boat!

No, but honestly, this guy obviously does this alot.. landed that fish in the net as smooth as ice. Great one-handed fisherman! If you are out there and see this, Awesome job, man!

Noticed Mr. Kitchen Pass with a fish on and decide to make him famous for a couple seconds..

Later in the morning, I couldn't help but notice Rod-Action (Ken Bolstad) so I gave him a shout. Sounded like they had a great day too!

(the boat name and contact info has been photoshoped to protect the freedom to keep this picture up on this site. God forbid should I let THAT slip out!)

The eagles and the osprey were hangin around, watching everyone else catch fish.

Then, this guy decided he wanted in on the action as well. Dive down, Kur-Plunge! flappin those wings outta the water with a giant sucker fish.

He sat up on a perch with it for a few minutes as I took some photos, then decided to give me a fly-by, showing off it's catch.

Blessed me with some great images!

Oh, and we caught fish too!

But these images are more entertaining!

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